Run your whole nutrition and fitness business anywhere from one App.

Spend less time commuting and more time coaching. Grow your practice
beyond boarders. Give clients better results.

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Why use

Help your clients change their habits, stick to their goals, and get better results.

NutriCoach gives your clients an App where they can log and monitor their meals, water intake, weight progress, fitness routines, diet prescriptions and more!

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Have all your client data, conversations, and progress in the palm of your hands

Say goodbye to all that messy and bulky paper records! As a coach, you also get your own App which keeps all your data in one place.

Explore Features

Have the freedom to
work from anywhere

Our software is cloud based, so you can stay connected with your clients to monitor their progress, give them feedback, or check on how they’re doing… anytime, anywhere

Explore Features

Work with
multiple devices

No need to worry about using different devices. You can use NutriCoach on your Mac, PC, tablet, iPhone, Android, or even multiple types of devices at the same time.

Coach App Feature

Cloud-based Storage

No need to worry about losing your phone or running out of storage space- all your data is automatically saved in the cloud and syncs to all your devices. Easily store and access your data anywhere through any device.

Track Client Progress

Get real time updates on your clients progress. Give better advice using actual historic data and present them in simple graphs and reports.

In-app Messaging System

Easily communicate with your clients and keep track of all your conversations. Whether it's to plan your schedule, send updates, answer questions, or give them pep talks, you can do all this without leaving the App.

Create Personalized Meal Plans

Easily create meal plans using built in templates or design new templates from blank. You can also adjust them in real time based on your clients’ needs.

Consolidated Client Profile

From contact info to medical records, now you can carry all your client data wherever you go. No more searching through bulky cabinets and folders back at your office.

File Sending

Allows you and your client to send and exchange files such as PDFs, Docx, and photo files through the in-app messenger.

FREE Data migration

Overwhelmed by the thought of having to encode all your client data into the NutriCoach system? We can help you transfer your data for free.

Client App Feature

View Prescription Meal Plans

Your clients can view, and print their prescribed meal plan directly through the App.

Food Photo Diary

Your clients can take photos of their meals which will be automatically shared with you and stored in an online diary.

Meal Ratings

Both coach and client can rate and comment on each meal. This let’s you guide your client on what to and what not to eat.

Weight Tracker

Clients can set weight goals and track their progress.

Water Intake Tracker

Not getting enough water? The App lets your clients set water intake goals then helps them monitor how much they’ve taken throughout the day.

Fitness Activity Log

Set workout goals and routines for your clients and view their progress real time.


The App automatically notifies clients during their meal and water intake time. This helps motivate them to follow their meal plan and achieve their daily targets.